August 15, 2013


Deterministic uncertainty quantification in Nano-Optics

by Laura Scarabosio (PDF)


Sparsity in Bayesian Inversion of Parametric Operator Equations

by Claudia Schillings (PDF)


Robust massively parallel MLMC-FVM solver for uncertainty quantification in nonlinear conservation laws

by Jonas Sukys (PDF)


Tractability of halton sequence based QMC quadrature for elliptic PDEs with lognormal diffusion

by Markus Siebenmorgen (PDF)


Time Reversed Absorbing Conditions: signal reconstruction and application to inverse problems

by Marie Kray (PDF)


Finite Elements for linear hyperbolic PDEs in polygonal domain

by Fabian Müller (PDF)


Tensor-structured approach to the Master Equation

by Vladimir Kazeev (PDF)


Greedy low-rank approaches for general linear matrix equations

by Petar Sirkovic (PDF)


Approximation Rates for the Hierarchical Tensor Format in Periodic Sobolev Spaces

by Andre Uschmajew (PDF)




August 16, 2013


Shape Calculus in Nano Optics

by Alberto Paganini (PDF)


Approximation of Geometric Data

by Markus Sprecher (PDF)


A polar discretization for the Boltzmann equation

by Eivind Fonn (PDF)


Interior point method for time-dependent problem

by Loredana Gaudio (PDF)