FAQs (Application & Admission)

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I studied a subject closely related to mathematics. Will my application for admission to the ZGSM be considered?

Applicants are expected to have a master degree in mathematics. In exceptional cases, applicants with a degree closely related to mathematics will also be considered.

I do not speak German. Will my application nevertheless be considered?

Yes, your application will be considered. You do not need to know German. However it is expected that doctoral students from abroad acquire adequate proficiency in German for teaching math tutorials within the first two years of their studies. ZGSM offers German language courses for international students specially designed for graduate students in mathematics.

I already know whom I wish to be my advisor. Do I still have to apply using the online application form?

Yes, you need to apply. Please indicate on the online application form the name(s) of preferred advisors.

Do I get a salary?

Students who get admitted to the ZGSM are typically offered a teaching assistantship. The salary depends on the amount of teaching agreed upon. In any case the salary is largely sufficient to live and study in Zurich. 

Do I have to pay fees for enrollment/tuition?

Yes, you have to pay tuition. The amount at ETH and UZH are as follows:

ETH: The fee for enrollment as a doctoral student is CHF 150,-. The tuition fee for doctoral studies is CHF 1200,-. It is to be payed in total at the end of your doctoral studies.

UZH: There is no fee for enrollment. The tuition-fee is 299.– CHF/per semester.

I am interested in pursuing a Master Degree in Mathematics. Where do I get information?

Please contact the Admissions Office at ETH or UZH.